How-to Blythe Face Carving

I did “Carving” for Blythe doll. The main carving are Lips and Eye-Holes, this work is little bit hard for me, but maybe, important to practice over time:D

This time, I did to two dolls, these are “Disco boogie” both. Need stuff are “Needle file” , ” Handy Router”, ” Abrasive sponge”, “Sand paper”, ” Compound” “Time”, ” practice”, and “patience”….:D

A is over carking, it have a ” small Hole! with Lip.(between the up lip and down lip, but can’t see them on photo) I guess, i can fix so that with paint things.

B would be little more engraved, but so as not perforated holes, stop here.

Finally, adjusted with sand paper or compound.


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