Blythe How-to Disco Boogie Customize Process

Hi, Everyone.

I introduce to customize process for “Disco Boogie” I customized two Disco boogie dolls, one doll was “Ava”, and other one doll was “Pink”. but sorry, I forgot to take picture of some part on this time, so…. please check out “Carving” on my site too:D


Disco Boogie


Excellent type

Blond and Brown mesh Hair

Eyes- Blue,Orange,Green,Pink

*Supervision with Gina Garan

Cut the scalp

I think, Excellent type is too much guru.

Hair too….. too much guru…


left side is first paint and right side after, I re-painted many times so that can’t count.change the looks because of painting.

cute eye-chips:D into spangle

Attached the hair and curl to bangs.

Pink make up

its Done:D Pink has cigarette with Q-tip


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