New Custom Blythe Girl ” Devon Aoki”

Hi, everyone.

I made new custom girl ” Devon”. so, this time my imaged model is “Devon Aoki”, she is very famous fashion model. she’s father is Japanese man,(BENI HANA’s Owner)her face is very exotic and cute, I love her♥

And I decided to sell for this doll, it selling now on Yahoo Auction.:) but I’m sorry, Yahoo auction is only Japan, If you interested the this girl, please contact me. I will accepted the your order custom.

Bohemian Beats Again custom The Used
Hair: Saran hair blonde, silver, and three colors of light pink hair re-rooting has been fixed in the bond.
Face: Eye holes, lip, cutting, filing a whole is corrupt.
Eye lashes are reassigned to humans. I put a sheet of sparkling chips of the default, and shiny eyes. Has felt a bit blurred over the only orange and sand. I sleep so after taking the spring, the first trolley be selected freely.
Make-up: Wipe with acrylic airbrush pigments are matte spray finish over several times. You then make a pink and natural throughout.
More so loose hips and legs for the default body, the body of Disco Boogie (Used) has been changed to. Two Tsukekaemashita charm.
Outfit: look at us were handmade. Since the amateur production, something that may not include sales are subject to change and think about a bonus, thank you. Knit hats, socks, and please consider it a bonus as well as handmade boots also. The price is not included. Please can I raise, such as changing clothes we have.
The hair has a fragrance for a doll with hair. (Peach fragrance) who hate us, aside Itadaketara good at pushing wind and smell in a few weeks from one week not smell.

xoxo, Naoko

Merry Christmas to All ♥


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