New One Customized OOAK Blythe doll “LOTTA” Model on Etsy Shop

Hi everyone, 

I listed new one customized blythe doll on Etsy my shop, yay! (SOLD)!!

This time, image model is “LOTTA” from movie “Lotta 2” ( sweden movie) I love to this movie! pls pls watch this movie! 

So, this doll is changed the body, default →puree neemo S size. I think little bit neck is unstable…. 

anyway, She is very cute! and always with piggy Bamse 🙂 Please somebody, adoption “Lotta” and “Bamse”

One customized “OOAK” Blythe Doll “Lotta” Model with Bamse

This doll is model  of “Lotta and Bamse” from the movie “LOTTA 2”

Base Doll : Fruit Punch

Face : Carved the lis, eye-hole, nose,and entire face, and sanding the after carved.

Hair : Removed the default hair, and re-rooted the blond saran hair.

Body : Changed the “Pure neemo S size”, I think, little bit neck is unstable, If you prefer to default body, I will change to that, and send. or I can send this doll and include with default body, if you need them.

Make up :  use high quality pastel. orange and yellow. sealed with MSC

Eye-chip : one eye-chips ” blue “is painted by me(painted to default eye-chips). and other 3  eye-chips are handmade by one japanese artist.

Outfit : Dress,  hand made by me.

Other : 2 strings,with charms, sleep- eyes, I made to “Bamse”(piggy)

★include with shipping.★

Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

we sending some love….. xoxo Lotta, Bamse and Naoko


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