White Magic Night Customize Blythe How-to: Mini Tina Turner

Hi everyone,

I finished new custom doll, this time, I used blythe doll is “White Magic”. She is colorful mohair girl and very cute, I didn’t imaged anyone but when it finish, I thought looks like “Tina Turner” ….so, She name is “Tina”..lol very sweet “Tina” here.

新しいカスタムドールが完成しました。今回は”White Magic Night”を使用。カラフルなモヘアを植毛したらすごく可愛い子になりました。イメージしてた人は特になかったけど、可愛い”ティナ•ターナー”みたいだったので、”Tina”と名付けました。

White Magic Night



Brown Hair

Eye Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green

Cut the Scalp between the face.

Remove the scalp……no guru 😀 cuz Superior type

Cut the Head with craft cutter, be carefully

Remove the screw and off the face

Inside the face

Remove the eye-gimmick and screw

Remove the eye-lid and eye-balls

Remove the all eye-chips, eye-lids,and eyelash….too much guru with eye-lid, be carefully ,don’t be broke.

Carving with file needle

Lips with file needle

Eye-hole with router

Cut the eye-lids part of bottom side for about 5㎜ with design cutter.

Put in the eye-chips

2 more

Defalt hair is cut

Cut the inside and remove the hair

Take off the default color with Nail remover, then paint the same reroot hair color

Rerooting the mohair while wet with water.

Finished the reroot, wet again and dry. Put the softer(for laundry) in water. it will be fluffy hair, and please don’t knead if you knead, mohair will be “Felt” but, if you make the “Cornrow or Dread hair”, you can knead the mohair.:D

Put the eye-lash and make up with air brush.This eye-lash is my friend “Carmen” gave me:D Thank you so much Carmen! its very beautiful color~~~

Make up to match the color of hair and eye-lashes.

Put the eye-gimmick

And Put the Hair………



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