Custom Blythe’s Eye-Chip Metal Dark Blue and White Silver EC-12

Hello everyone here’s our 3rd edition of Custom Blythe’s Eye-Chips.  The one’s that are noted in our Da Kawaii Dolls Store, can be purchased directly from our site using Paypal services.  So we will have some on Esty and most of them will be posted here, cause we have made a lot of different colors in the pass recent weeks. We hope you enjoy them, have a great week. (SOLD)!!

EC-12 Blythe's Eye-Chip Metal Dark Blue and White Silver
Custom Blythe Eye All Handmade Hand Painted Eye Chips Metal Dark Blue and White Silver EC-12
Color: painted acrylic paint, Metal Dark Blue and White Silver
Price: $9.00 USD

★Custom Blythe Eye Chips ★

All Handmade Eye Chips, Hand Painted.

Eye chips Material: Crystal Resin

Color: painted acrylic paint, Metal Dark Blue and White Silver


★★This eye chips is ” ALL Hand Made”. Take a mold, produced in crystal resin; it is hand-painted with acrylic paint.

I make with all my one by one, the heart, there may be some small air bubbles, distortion, scratches fine color shading.

Those who seek the perfect thing factory-like production, please refrain from the purchase.

In addition, if the size is loose, please bonded with eraser batter or craft for bond.★★

★Shipping is FREE! (After receiving payment,  1 to 2 working days the eye-chips will shipped by regular air mail.)

★ Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!


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