Custom Blythe’s Eye-Chip Green, Silver, and Metal Yellow Green EC-15A

Here’s our 4th batch of Handmade Custom Blythe’s Eye-chips.   This custom color we are using here are Green, Silver, and Metal Yellow Green.  Click on the Image, the Listed Eye-chips can be found on my Esty homepage.  I would to thank the people who bought our 1st batch of custom Blythe’s Eye-chips.

Custom Blythe Eye-chip Green, Shine Silver, and Metal Yellow Green EC-15A
Custom Blythe Doll Eye-chips All Handmade and Hand Painted EC-15A
Color: Green, Shine Silver, and Metal Yellow Green
Price: $9.00

★Custom Blythe Eye Chips ★

All Handmade Eye Chips, Hand Painted.

Eye chips Material: Crystal Resin

Color: painted acrylic paint, Green, Silver, and Metal Yellow Green


★★This eye chips is ” ALL Hand Made”. Take a mold, produced in crystal resin; it is hand-painted with acrylic paint.

I make with all my one by one, the heart, there may be some small air bubbles, distortion, scratches fine color shading.

Those who seek the perfect thing factory-like production, please refrain from the purchase.

In addition, if the size is loose, please bonded with eraser batter or craft for bond.★★

★Shipping is FREE! (After receiving payment,  1 to 2 working days the eye-chips will shipped by regular air mail.)

★ Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!


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