Da Kawaii Dolls Knit Caps

Autumn come soon. Become to cool morning and evening. Yes, “Knit Season” is. I’m no good for sewing, but I like doing knitting and better than sewing. I made knit cap for Blythe doll. How to knitting is same, and changed the yarn and stick needle size.

● 8PLY yarn

● No3 knit needle

● Cast on 76 and sts divided them into 3-4 double point needles to make it round.

● Round 1 to round 10: two needle rib stitch

● Round 11 to round 25 : Hosiery stitch (K)

● Round 26 to 35 : decrease in to 10 stitch

● Round 36 and 37 : Hosiery stitch(K)

● Put on charm on top

I don’t know, Its correct or not correct. Because, my english is poor and I don’t know “Knitting Words”.  Everyone, please change the size, yarn, and knit needle while creating.


● 並太の毛糸

● 3号棒針

● 76目作り目

● 1-10段目 : 2目ゴム編み

● 11-25 : メリヤス編み

● 26-35 : 合計で10目減し目

● 36, 37 : メリヤス編み

● ポンポンを好みでつける。

ものすごく、ざっくり書きましたがわかっていただけたでしょうか?w 毛糸の種類や針の号数を変えたりして編みながらどんどん変えてくださいね。


2 thoughts on “Da Kawaii Dolls Knit Caps

  • September 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    In Australia we call these type of Hats Beanies & The ball on top of your Beanie is called a Pom Pom

    • September 11, 2011 at 11:13 am

      Hello! Thank you for comment:), yeah, In japan we call the ball on top beanie is called a Pom Pom too, not on pompom beanie is call ” Knit Cap” 😀
      I love Beanie~~~;)


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