Coming New Hair From U.S.


Today, Coming New Hair from US!  ( : was first order this website. This website is so that told me with my Facebook’s friend( Thank you Wendy❤)

Always, had bought to size in Japan, so I asked to her for how much needs something, and ordered. And “Doll hair fragrance” and needles for re-rooting. These two stuff  are not selling in japan. So, I don’t know how to use stuff yet, I must be looking to tutorial pics…..

This Hair color is sooooooo nice!  In Japan, I have never seen this hair color too. I’m so exciting for use this hair color! But!!! I guess, Its take long time too, more than Kelly custom doll…sign…


今日、新しい髪の毛がアメリカからやってきた( :ショップでオーダーするのははじめて。Facebookの友達が教えてくれたサイト。(ありがとWendy❤)



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