One Customized OOAK Blythe Doll “Mei”

Hi everyone,

I finished new girl ” Mei”, she is totally cute girl:) white skin, black bob hair, round nose etc….. and I found very beautiful “fabric”, these fabric are almost “cotton campus”, “Linen” sheeting “, very colorful! oriental and scandinavian mix patten( I think) I made dress with this fabric. (SOLD)!!

And, I listed her on Etsy my shop.

Please become to her new mummy!

One customized “OOAK” Blythe Doll “Mei”

Base Doll : Rainy Day Parede

Face : Carved the lis, eye-hole, nose,under of nose and entire face, and sanding the after carved.

Hair : Removed the default hair, and black mohair straight hair pink and rerooted with knot method.

Make up : use high quality pastel red and orange brown. sealed with MSC. Removed the default eyelash, and put on for human eyelash.

Eye-chip : forward: painted with amber color on default orange eye chip by me
forward : the one japanese artist made.
left : painted with gold on smoky clear eye chip by me
right : painted with abber color on default green eye chip by me

Outfit : Dress,(please choose to black or purple) socks, shoes,(no picture) hand made by me.

Other : 2 strings,with charms, sleep- eyes,

Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!

Etsy shop here


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