One Customized OOAK Blythe Doll “Julie”

Hi everyone

I  finished work to new custom blythe doll. she is very pretty girl:) (SOLD)!!

One Customized OOAK Blyhte Doll “Julie”

Base Doll : Friendly Freckles

Face : Carved the lis, eye-hole, nose,and entire face, and sanding the after carved.

Hair : Removed the default hair, and rerooted the nylon hair with loop and looked. dyed the hair, pink→brown.

Make up : use high quality pastel, (pink) gloss on lips, sealed with MSC,matted

Eye-chip : all eye-chips are new, 1 eye chip is “green” repainted , by me and other 3 eye-chips are handmade by one japanese artist.

Outfit :bambi sitich dress , socks, shoes handmade by me

Other : 2 strings,with charms, sleep- eyes, change the eyelash for human.

★ I don’t have original box, I will ship to wrap the air sheet and into the other box.

★ You can be in twice the payment,and layaway too, please contact us.

Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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