Custom Blythe Girl “SAKURA”

Bryce is an exhibition of custom ☆ SAKURA ☆. Although a longer description, and wishes the tender until the end of perusal. (Sold)!!

● Base Doll: Blythe “Disco Boogie” 

● Face: eye hole cut, the lip, has a sanding the entire face. 

● Hair: After you cut the scalp, hair pulled out all the original, we have implanted a saran hair. The body has been fixed. This hair Saran will also change with temperature. Is usually pink, or Dora at room temperature (temperatures above 20 degrees and become Changes such as the addition of heat in the ears) to blonde. Pink also return to the temperature is lowered. I enjoy the color of the hair of two kinds Have one. 

● Eyes: We put four eye chips I was allowed to buy in auction here. Human eyelash Have been reassigned to it for between. This string is 2, we have also reassigned Charm has become so sleep eyes. 

● Make Up: After painting with acrylic pigment pink make-up of the overall system, spraying several times a semi-gloss spray of gloss We. 

● Others: We painted like a picture of a cherry blossom tattoo on the back side of the table and face. In addition, the cherry blossoms tattoos also in the arm Have. 

● It is to transfer it, to stand there (will be all off the shelf.) (Sandals?) Here doll, wearing kimono, geta Will be. Chou is enclosed in the photo, the hair is not included. So send in the state of my hair as it is, after Please enjoy to arrange your own favorite hair style. 

● custom is, but we have carefully, is the work of amateur hobby. And many people think or incompetent but some small scratches, color unevenness, etc. Because, like you wishes Please acknowledge it beforehand. Also, depending on your PC, such as feeling different and the color of the photos and actual Because I think that there also be the same Ru Please note also that point repeatedly. Who are concerned about a fine place, the same as off-the-shelf Those seeking such things please refrain from bidding. 

Hi, everyone

SAKURA selling on Yahoo auction Now!

Its has been overseas shipment. Please bid you steadily.

● If you wish your overseas payment in Paypal.

● If you are overseas, is sending out by EMS. Take a separate Shipping.

My pet is not. There is a smoker, making it the separation of smoking areas. Who care, please do not bid. 

Wishes after it makes no claim, no return. 

After the successful bid, it can contact you within two days of contact from me, wishes the payment within a week. Please note if we do not hear from us within two days because it will be canceled. 

● I will ship world wide. How to be bid with foreigners who are, after you turn on the contact from the question column, please bid. 

We look forward to a lot of bid. Wishes best regards please. 

xoxo, Naoko


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