New Custom Blythe Girl “Tange”

Hi everyone,

New custom girl ” Tange ” selling now on Yahoo auction( in Japan), I hope good connection with many peoples 🙂

About the product

Custom Blythe ★ “Tange” Is Buying. A longer explanation, thank you Carefully read the auction end.
● Base Doll: Friendly Fleck Reynolds

Face: Eye holes, lip, and over the entire cutting sandpaper.

● Eye Tip: Put a sheet shiny pink and blue eye chips are the default, green and silver eye our chips purchased here.

● Make-up: all tribes, including freckles and make-up default make-up of Orange-based and eyelids are painted gold ivy design. Using acrylic pigments, lip only, and painted with pastel and gloss. Freckles are also drawn here. Spraying and spray several times a matte finish.

● Hair: all hair removal of the default, and flocked to pale orange saran hair. I fixed it in the bond, if you want to replace it with another wig, again at your own risk, please disassemble the head.

Others ●: We raise well over the eye. So I will see that some other chip for that. Personally, I like up-from-under look, but, not so that your bid please do not worry. From changing the color of the eye, if you could down a little Eyeball fingers so I can not see any other chip.

● Sleep is our eye. Charm has been reassigned.

● outfit: made by individuals. I think there are many things made so complicated part of the amateur. So worn as a bonus, all prices Please note that the doll is not included.

● I can sent  to become what the photograph.

● What is it PC to your mileage may vary so please note the pictures and colors and atmosphere. Personally, rather than the real picture of the atmosphere will feel like a little soft.(Which is my personal impression )

I’ll have to carefully custom ●, it is the work of amateurs, uneven color, so I think there are many incompetent and scratches, like how are looking for the same shelf perfect, fine who are concerned about the things you for your thank you refrain from bidding.

xoxo, Naoko


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