OOAK Custom Doll “Marsh” on Yahoo Japan

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OOAK Custom Doll "Marsh" on Yahoo Japan


Please refer to the image here also, she is very cute girl!

New One Customized “OOAK”Blythe Doll on Etsy shop

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New One Customized "OOAK"Blythe Doll on Etsy shop

Hi everyone,

I listed to New One Customized “OOAK” Blythe Doll No.3 on Etsy my shop.

This time girl is imaged to “Angel”, yellow color mohair, pink lips, freckles….etc She was very pretty girl, Please check it out to my Etsy shop! She looking for new mummy ♥♥♥

Please, Love to Her…..xoxo

One customized “OOAK” Blythe Doll

Base Doll : Prima dolly encore Saffy

Face : Carved the lis, eye-hole, nose,and entire face, and sanding the after carved.

Hair : Removed the default hair, and wefted the mohair. working to make it easier to wefting the mohair by me

Make up :  use high quality pastel. orange, red,and yellow. Freckles on the entire face

Eye-chip : one eye-chips ” pink” and “blue ” is painted by me. and other 2  eye-chips are handmade by one japanese artist.

Outfit : Dress, Pumpkin pants, socks,all hand made by me.

            pumpkin pants  : Cotton gauze, dyed “Tea” (dyed by me)

            dress :  liberty print

           socks: cotton gauze knit

Other : 2 strings, sleep- eyes

include with shipping.

Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Prima Dolly Saffy Custom Process ” Angie”

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Prima Dolly Saffy Custom Process " Angie"

Hi ,Everyone

I customized new Doll, Imagined person is “Angelina Jolie” ♥ I like her, from years ago, lately she is very skinny:( …. I prefer her glamorous body.

Well, I used  “Prima Dolly Saffy”  of Blythe Doll in this time. this doll is Blonde, white skin, bright eyes, very cute doll, eyes holes large from beginning, so be carefully to eye hole carving, too much carving, see the eye- gimmick.

Prima Dolly Saffy


Radiance/ Blond Hair

Eyes: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink

Take the Scalp, No glue and easy to take:)

Radiance type’s head. Not need craft knife and you can take the just face(doesn’t take off the scalp)

Remove the every screw and tear apart the eye-gimmick. A lot of screw then other types doll,don’t to lose…

Carving: too much carving for eye holes:(

Remove the default hair

Changing the position of parting the hair

Cut the bottom part of eye-gimmick

Remove the eyes chip

Blue and Pink eye chips, use default with shinny color paper

The one japanese women made eye chips, Thank you always “Niikura san”

Blue and pink, shinny~~

Rerooting and curling with hair fragrance “Peach”

Put the eyelashes and paint

Cut the here little, to increase the eyelids

Make up with airbrush

See you Next Time!! ♥